Monday, June 17, 2013

"The Sami Callihan Story" - Part 7

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Next night on Raw, Renee Young asks Callihan about what happened with Regal post-match the night before. Before Callihan can answer, Kingston interrupts:

If I didn't know any better, I'd think William Regal finally beat some sense into you. But, that doesn't excuse the fact that The Miz isn't the only guy you tried to put out twice. I haven't forgotten nor forgiven that at all.

The first time we crossed paths, Kofi, I actually had second thoughts about putting you down. The second time it happened, you were simply collateral damage. I've never been sure whether or not you've gotten your fair due in this company, but none of that ever seems to bother you. You're perfectly happy being a company guy no matter how bad they treat you here. You could be one of the greatest Superstars ever with the talent you have, but apparently you're perfectly content being an also-ran. Maybe I should have ended it when I had the chance.

Kingston punches Callihan and the fight is on! Referees arrive to pull the two apart.

The next week on Raw, the announcement is made that Kofi Kingston and Sami Callihan wil meet at Hell in a Cell. Kofi Kingston defeats Wade Barrett on Raw. After the match, Callihan appears at the top of a ramp with a microphone:

I didn't get to answer you last week since you were so insistent on a fight. I've been trying to spare you because of how you've been treated. But, since it seems you can't let this go, I'll gladly meet you in 13 days at Hell in a Cell!

Callihan drops the microphone and walks away. Kofi is happy for the chance as the announcers question why Callihan chose not to attack as he normally would.

Next week on Raw, Callihan defeats Justin Gabriel by submission with the Muffler. Post-match, Kingston appears and attacks Callihan in the ring. Afterward, Kingston takes a microphone:

Ever since you arrived here, Callihan, you've been out of control! I already owe you for what you did to me, but it's bigger than that. Maybe I am a "company guy," ans this "company guy" is gonna stand up and out a stop to this once and for all at Hell in a Cell!

Callihan smiles at Kingston; the announcers note how odd Callihan's behavior is in that he actually seems pleased with what's happened and hasn't been the aggressor...

Six days later, Sami Callihan and Kofi Kingston meet in a regular rules match at Hell in a Cell. In an unusual twist, Kofi plays the aggressor while Callihan is cold and calculating. Callihan eventually defeats Kofi Kingston with the Stretch Muffler. Afterward, Callihan releases the  Muffler and states at Kingston just like he did Regal at Over the Limit. Referees emerge to protect Kingston and prevent another attack. Callihan leaves, but has a message: he stops at the nearest camera and makes the "championship gesture around his waist, yelling "Miz, you're time has come!"


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