Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spoil THIS.

Okay, I understand I’m walking a fine line here even before I start. Because, you know, God forbid I offend anyone in today’s uber-sensitive climate where people can have their feelings and sensitivities ruffled over just about anything. Even with that said, I’m trying to be the bigger person here.

So, I’ve seen and heard quite a bit lately about people having to read “spoilers” on their social media feeds. Now, we’re not talking about crucial plot points of a movie or show that hasn’t been released yet being given away to a mass audience. That’s more than understandable. No, this has to do with people commenting on events as they happen and rubbing those that can’t see it the wrong way.

For clarity’s sake, let’s use AMC’s The Walking Dead as our example. The season finale aired back on March 18 and roughly 9 million people saw it. (I wasn’t one of them because, between all the podcasts and online geek news I keep up with, I’m pretty much able to follow both the comic and TV series’ without reading or watching either one. I’ll probably get around to both someday.) While it was happening, a new charac--

Wait, wait, wait. So nobody gets mad at me, either...despite the fact that this happened nearly a month ago now...**SPOILER WARNING**, okay?

Anyway, a new character, Michonne debuted. By new, I mean new to the show, as the character has quite a following as far as the comic series fans go.

There, there’s the end of your **SPOILER WARNING**, okay? But it might come up again, because that’s the entire point of this piece, so maybe I need another **SPOILER WARNING** just for the rest of the column so nobody gets mad. We cool? Okay, great.

People watching the season finale live commented all over the place, as they were uber-excited to see an appearance from Michonne. However, there were people that had to work, or be somewhere else and couldn’t watch the show live, having to opt for seeing it recorded later on.

Despite being so busy they couldn’t see the show, however, they were certainly not too busy that they couldn’t check their social media feeds or go online and see people talking about this all over. And then they haul off and call the people talking about the show as it was happening “assholes” and other cute names just because they had the temerity to go online and read about what they weren’t able to see yet.

Now, let’s clarify something here. Despite how sarcastic (caustic, perhaps?) I’ve been up to this point, I actually try not to give away details of something I’m watching live. I definitely threw out a comment or two about WrestleMania 28, but I kept it to commentary and not giving away results or anything. I actually try to be careful about that sort of thing because, well...I’ve kinda walked away from being a newshound. I spent several years doing that sort of thing and, frankly, there are people like Randy at Geek World Order who have taken up that mantle and run with it better than I’m able to nowadays. That’s also one of the reasons I hardly update this thing anymore, but that’s a digression for a-whole-nother time.

Back to our point, I try to be careful about not giving away details when I’m watching a big event for the sake of those that may not be able to see it right then and there and don’t want everything given away before they can see it. With that said, I also don’t agree with those same people getting all mad and claiming the internet as their own sovereign ground, not to be disturbed or treaded upon by those who are watching whatever event live and want to express their excitement in the details they are seeing unfold.

It’s called “freedom of expression”. You remember that, don’tcha? The thing we’re all guaranteed in the First Amendment of the Constitution? The same freedom that those whiny maggots who yelled loud enough to have the ending of “Mass Effect 3” changed have surrendered their right to argue in favor of ever again because of their over-inflated sense of self-entitlement disguised as nerd rage? Yes, we all still have it. We’re allowed to rant, rave, and yes, discuss things that are happening live, right here and right now, even if we’re told by a few that we’re not allowed because now they can’t be surprised.

If it’s that big of a deal, may I suggest not being on the internet while said events that you can’t see live are happening? Or, at the very least, stay the hell off of the social networks on your phone. The expression “curiosity killed the cat” exists for a reason. If you deliberately stick your foot in an ant mound, who do you really have to blame when you get bit several dozen hundred times? If you know all your friends are watching the show and probably talking about it, then don’t go near it until you’ve had a chance to watch it. It’s really that easy.

I’m sure this came off as being biased toward one side of the argument, but it’s really not. It’s a lesson we can all learn because it’s honestly not that difficult. For those of you that can’t see it as it happens, have a heart for those who can and let them enjoy it in peace while they’re watching it. If you know good and well everybody’s going to be talking about this thing, don’t be so egotistical to think the entire world’s going to steer clear of details because you can’t join the party quite yet. And those of you that are talking about it? Try and have a care for those who can’t see it quite yet. Commentary is fine, but you don’t have to give away every little detail before everyone can see it, because there will be those who simply can’t see it as it happens.

At the end of the day, it’s all about consideration. It’s not as tough as everyone thinks it is, though it does involve some effort in not thinking about just yourself. If we all spent a little more time looking at ourselves to see how we could me more considerate toward others rather than sticking noses in everyone else’s business and picking self-righteous arguments when anyone says something even remotely possibly insensitive toward anyone or anything, I swear to you this world this world would be a much better place. As my good friend Marc would say, “In a world of trolling and negativity, the most punk rock thing you can do is just be nice.”

The classics never get old


Remember what I said about not breaking news like other dudes? Yeah, everybody and their mom’s already beaten me to this one, but I don’t have to care. I don’t want to be the first to share anything anymore; I just want to share what I like.

Sci-Fried has a new video out for a track called “Never Fall”, an anthemic ditty about the Avengers. So is the video. See, watch:

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