Monday, August 5, 2013

I Can't Quit You

From the 12.31.13 post “Walking Away”:

No, this isn't a "retirement" post, per se. I've done more of those than Terry Funk.

Well, thank God I put that disclaimer in there.

Yes, this is going somewhere. Bear with me just a moment, because I have to pull another quote to explain what you’re about to read:

But, a much bigger reason I'm done with this? For good? Is because the internet has just become a cesspool. Opinions being treated as facts, shaming/guilting/humiliating people into thinking their way is wrong, getting on a soapbox, the proverbial chest-thumping self-righteousness of it all...yeah, no thanks.

Is the internet still a quagmire of self-righteous pieces of trash full of people shaming other people into thinking the same way they do? Of course it is. That hasn’t changed and I fear it probably never will. That in and of itself is unfortunate.

However, it’s not all bullying and boycotts. There are definitely good people out there who not only enjoy pleasant interactions, but feel the same way I do about false outrage and controversy for the sake of controversy! This is a group that likes to have fun, enjoys being fans rather than preachers, and has some level-headed, very likeable, and just plain good people among their ranks.

This is the Pop!-ulation. You can find them at Panels on Pages, as well as on their Podcast network. They’re a group that’s not really concerned with breaking the latest story and getting ALL TEH HITZ as much as they are having some fun and talking geekery. There are some great ideas and discussions that come from this crew. They have a place to converse among other civilized human beings.

And now I can announce that I am among their numbers.

I will be writing (semi-regularly) again, now for the fine folks at Panels on Pages. No news bits, no racing for the deadline…mainly just op-ed pieces and informative stuff about the things I like. Mainly what I do here*, except for an actual audience. Not to besmirch the…what, two? Three of you that check this place regularly? But Panels on Pages has a bigger audience than I do, and I dig on being part of a community that’s just doing the internet right. You’ll be able to read me there by the end of this week, as my first piece is set for Friday (August 9), with a five-part series starting on Sunday, August 11.

It’s nothing earth-shattering or life-changing, but it’s a way to me to get back to what I love doing and to actually be able to enjoy doing it. It kinda feels like a relief, and I’m excited to get the ball rolling. Overall, I’m looking to have some fun. And this crew knows how to do fun, for sure. Feel free to follow along and…you know, have some fun with us.

*Except for fantasy wrestling booking. That stays here because I can’t see many other site wanting a piece of that. Although, if you like that sort of thing, I may be doing some more here sooner than later. No promises, though.