Sunday, October 11, 2015

SCR 2015 - UMvC3

Sixteen months since I posted here. Not like I forget I have it; just never have the time or chance to use it. No one checks this thing anyay (including me!). May as well use it to work stuff out.

It's AJ's birthday. Love you, little guy. Proud of you.

Everybody has their plodding, brutish football to watch on Sundays in the fall. I know Dad loved it, but I have a diferent Sunday sport. If not every week of the year, then I'd say most of them. About 75%, anyway. I likes my fighting game tournaments and action. Hey, is about to add eSports to their lineup along with basketball, baseball, FOOTBALL, and the rest. So, we're legitimate. Bite me.

Just watched Cloud05 take second place in Ultimate Marvel v Capcom 3 at SoCal Regionals 2015. He damn near had it won, but kept dropping combos against Filipino Champ. And this is after three eliminations in a row - starting with Clockw0rk, who busted Cloud05's ass in an exhibition a while back. Cloud05 avenged that, then just plowed through two more like early Goldberg on Monday Nitro. Almost in his sleep, this kid tripped up, tied up, juggled, and annihilated three other players like he was changing shirts, looking for just that right one to wear to the club that night. It could have been four. This could have been his year. But FChamp was too experienced and too confident to be Just Another Victim.

Something dawned on me watching the UMvC3 Finals. I've always preferred Street Fighter. That's my jam, Boo. I dig UMvC3, but don't watch that often because the matches started to look the same - juggle some hapless cat in the air until you kick his ass. The FGC equivalent of UFC. Kinda repetitive and boring. But, what me was - that still takes a lot of talent to do that in that game, considering what else is going on and has to be watched for. UMvC3 is an ADD kid's dream. Kinda like Halo. If your concentration isn't there and your reflexes quicker than a blink, forget it. You're done. The guys that can pull off what they do at a high level - like FChamp, Cloud05, Clockw0rk, et al - deserve all the respect. Because it's possible what they do is tougher then USF IV.

AFTERTHEFACTEDIT: Jut saw the viewing numbers for 'The Sami Callihan Story.' Paid attention to them, even. The old adage is apparently true about wrestling shows - people will pay attention to the beginning and ending, but may skip the middle. Lesson learned.