Tuesday, April 12, 2011

R.I.P. Larry Sweeney

I normally don't do this sort of thing, but I felt the need to tonight.

In March of 2008 - my wedding anniversary weekend, to be exact - I went to the Jai Alai Fronton on 17-92 near SR 436 on a Saturday afternoon. It was WrestleMania weekend, and it was here in Orlando, which meant that Ring of Honor was, too.

Before the show that night, though, there was a meet-and-greet at Jai Alai. I met several of the guys there...the Vulture Squad (Jigsaw and Ruckus), Delerious, El Generico, Austin Aries, Lacey...and Larry Sweeney.

I took a minute or two to shake his hand and let him know I thought he was "the greatest heel manager since Bobby Heenan." And it wasn't just because I was there, meeting him; I meant it. Larry Sweeney could run his mouth like nobody's business, and knew how to irritate the piss out of people while getting his guys over the top.

Sweeney was genuinely flattered by the compliment, saying those were "heavy words" putting him in "really lofty company." I shook his hand again and asked if I could take a picture with him.

A little over a year later, he had not only left RoH, but had well-nigh disappeared off the face of the earth. What no one really knew - least of all, me - is that Sweeney suffered from depression all his life. Enough so that it was reported that he took his own life on April 11, 2011.

Obviously, I didn't know Sweeney very well or anything. But that doesn't mean I can't appreciate talent and certainly miss it when it's gone. I can only hope you're happier where you are, Larry.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Exclusive preview of Marc with a C’s new album - Orlando rock music | Examiner.com

An exclusive first impression of tracks from Marc with a C's upcoming album...

He may look at me kinda cross-eyed for saying this, but Marc is rather similar to Dream Theater in that each record keeps getting better and better. This sounds like it will continue that tradition.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Music Review: Sci-Fried – Future Tense - Blogcritics Music

For those looking at the current rock landscape and wanting something different yet familiar enough to be enjoyable...

We’re Colonial Marines sent to rescue a town
On the express elevator to hell going down
That a**hole Gorman was ever so green
Second combat drop that he’d ever seen
We got Apone our fearless sarge
Hudson b**ched put her in charge
Vasquez was kind a butch mistaken for a man
Corporal Hicks was the only grunt that Ripley could stand

We are Colonial Marines
we got nukes and knives we are killing machines
but this place isn’t like we’ve ever seen
in space...No one can hear you...Scream!

Florida Music Festival descends on downtown Orlando - Orlando rock music | Examiner.com

The annual downtown music spectacle known as the Florida Music Festival is upon us once again.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Legendary Orlando DJ Mark Samansky passes away - Orlando rock music | Examiner.com

R.I.P., Mark. You are sorely missed.

Man, the stories I could tell about this guy. I think I might even have my cassette copy of "Sex, Lies, and Audiotape: The Worst of Baxter and Mark" around here somewhere. You, sir, will be sorely missed.