Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Question or 2 (for Wrestling Fans)

I'm debating either a recap of an older or more recent (but not live) wrestling show in the old "psychology/storytelling" style I used to do with or a straight-up live blog of a wrestling show. NOT a WWE or TNA PPV, but probably an indie iPPV.

So, that having been said, a couple questions:

1) Which of the above formats would you prefer?

2) Is there any show in particular (upcoming or older) you'd want to read this done in?

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Too Late For The Rescue?

Yeah, a wrestling post. Sorry in advance if you're not a fan.

If you are...remember the bit about the NWA a while back? Especially the part where:

To those clinging to the days of yore that the NWA name invokes, please realize that the NWA can still survive - and even thrive - in 2012. But, to do so would mean letting go of those old days of doing business. It would mean letting some younger and fresher ideas on pro wrestling into the fold. It would mean actually using the internet for marketing and brand-building purposes like two-time NWA Champion Colt Cabana has done to great success. It would mean embracing a new day and age of the business.

Upm...yeah. Check this out:

From 411 reader Sean in Australia:

I was at a NWA affiliate wrestling show in Australia tonight, where Adam Pearce faced Colt Cabana in the final match of their seven levels of hate series.

Colt won by submission, and afterwards both he and Pierce cut a promo in regards to the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. Pierce said as part of losing the series he would leave the NWA forever. He said Colt deserved the NWA Championship.

However, Colt said the NWA represented the old era, and he was the future, talking about the podcast, YouTube, etc. Colt didn't accept the title, so Pierce dropped the belt, vacating the title. He finished the promo with "I wish the NWA the best in their future endeavors." So apparently right now there is no NWA World Heavyweight Champion.


Deeeamn. That's just cold.

Now, there've been arguments about where the lineage stops and starts, or even if it did at all, but the cold fact is, we may be looking at the demise of the oldest governing body in pro wrestling history a lot sooner than later.

I'm not going to get on Pearce or Colt's case about what they did. They had this series already in place as a way to bring some prestige back to the NWA name - and the NWA, in turn, implodes once again due to egos. Pearce and Cabana, to me, were already left out in the lurch before what happened in Australia. Hell, for all we know, the joint vacation of the NWA Title could have been a bit of a receipt. No one really knows why it was done, however, because I'm sure there are details to this story that no one's even aware of.

It'll be one to keep an eye on. Even if it's to bid a final farewell to the NWA.

(The weird part about this? This would have been where I put up a video with Shane Douglas throwing down the NWA Title after winning it in 1994 - but I can't find it on YouTube to save my life right now. Bizarre.)