Friday, October 26, 2012

Count3rCu1ture Audio Episode 03: Marc with a C

Against my better judgment, another edition of Count3rCu1ture Audio is upon us.

This edition features a conversation with fave rave Marc with a C. About Popular Music. And popular music. Look, I know it may seem a tad confusing, so I’ll put it this way: we talk about his latest album and the state of music in 2012.

And it’s a fascinating conversation. Archie Comics, Lady GaGa, Carly Rae Jepsen, Croudsourcing...all sorts of things come up in discussing popular music. And it all started with a question about Popular Music.

Which, about that? It’s not just a crowdfunded project like you see nowadays, but a fully crowdsourced one as well. And holy crap, if Marc’s crowdsourced albums sound this good, I want more. Popular Music is my favorite album of his to date, and that’s saying a lot.

But, y’see, he needs your help to get this done. It is a crowdsourced project, but also a crowdfunded one. There are costs associated with pressing this beast, and you can help with those. Not only that, you’d be getting other goodies along with pre-ordering what may well be the best album of his career. So, please - do yourself and Marc a favor and take a look see at You and he will be glad you did.

(A little) more information about the new record (and a great talk) can be had by simply clicking on the picture below to download Count3rCu1ture Audio - Episode 03 - Marc with a C.