Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The (Latest) One That Got Away

“The (Latest) One That Got Away” Oh, and I should have an exclusive or two once I do. One related to a podcast I was on recently. Another started in one of the Examiner stories below. See if you can find it.

- Me, Examiner Feed - 09.06.12-10.09.12

The short answer is, you’re not gonna find the second one. Because it’s not gonna happen. The story that was set to be gotten is the same as the reason it’s not happening.

Confused yet? It’s cool; I get that quite a bit. But I’ll be happy to explain it.

The Examiner story in question (and this will be a huge hint) is:

Nightwish Part With Lead Singer - Orlando rock music | Examiner.com

You see, before Nightwish and Anette Olzon parted company, I had already had an in-person interview scheduled with Nightwish founder, lead songwriter and keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen. It was going to happen this past Sunday at the House of Blues before the band went on stage that night (which I also had a press ticket for in order to review it for Examiner). I assume that part did happen - although I’m not 100% sure because I wasn’t there for that, either. I haven’t heard otherwise, so we’ll assume the show went off without a hitch with temporary (?) singer Floor Jansen in play.

Neither the interview nor me seeing the show happened because Nightwish cancelled every single bit of press they had for the tour. Interviews, tickets, everything. Us “journalists” were left without a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of.

Better still, this was unbeknownst to me until three days before when I emailed Roadrunner Records for confirmation. PR says they sent out emails about the cancellation, and I don’t doubt that they did. It simply didn’t come through my inbox for whatever reason (which has been a slight issue lately, but that’s another story).

Why did Nightwish decide to cancel all of their press for the tour, considering it was their first set of shows in North America in several years and among only a handful of times they’ve been over here ever? That’s a good question. No reason was officially given to me. I can guess that it has to do with the lack of wanting to explain why they just lost another singer. That’s pure conjecture, however. Probably wholly accurate, but conjecture nonetheless.

The pure irony here? A set of interview questions was sent to their former singer (and founding member) Tarja Turunen for an email interview regarding her solo career and her most recent live set. They were sent exactly one month ago today. No response to them as of yet. I’m sensing a pattern.

The moral of this story? I’m done dealing with Finnish symphonic metal acts Never promote a story until you already have it documented. This type of thing happens in music (“journalism”) all the time, and I should have known better than to put that out there, given the circumstances. In hindsight, I kinda feel like an idiot that I did.

So be it. These things happen in our business. At least the other story teased above - you know, the one related to a podcast I was on recently? That one will most likely happen. Unless it doesn’t. Hope that’s not the case, because going 0-2 would really suck.

And look on the bright side - at least this wasn't another damn wrestling post, right?

Yes, they were here. And I wasn’t there. Thanks again, Music Business.

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