Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Examiner Feed - 09.06.12-10.09.12

Wow, over a month in one shot? Took you long enough, Melchor.

Look, I can explain. I'm training people at work and the schedule - including mandatory overtime - is brutal. And that's putting it mildly. Oh, and my son broke his foot. That was a blast.

So there you have it. By next week I should be back at it a little more regular-like.

Oh, and I should have an exclusive or two once I do. One related to a podcast I was on recently. Another started in one of the Examiner stories below. See if you can find it.

Marvel Unleashes Second Wave of Teasers for Marvel NOW - Orlando Comic Books | Examiner.com

Neurosis to Return With New Album on October 30 - Orlando rock music | Examiner.com

Green Day Announces North American Tour - Orlando rock music | Examiner.com

Dark Horse Continues Superhero Revival With "X" - Orlando Comic Books | Examiner.com

John Mayer Sued in Connection to Ponzi Scheme - Orlando rock music | Examiner.com

Velvet Underground Loses Copyright Claim to Famous Image - Orlando rock music | Examiner.com

Major Character Death Revealed in "Avengers Vs. X-Men" - Orlando Comic Books | Examiner.com

Thunderbolts Confirmed for Marvel NOW - Orlando Comic Books | Examiner.com

Marvel Ending Three Longstanding Titles in December - Orlando Comic Books | Examiner.com

Marvel Continues Legal Battle With Ghost Rider Creator - Orlando Comic Books | Examiner.com

Led Zeppelin Discuss New Movie and Not Reunion - Orlando rock music | Examiner.com

Marvel Studios President Teases Popular Villain for Marvel Movies - Orlando Comic Books | Examiner.com

Green Day Singer Checks Into Rehab - Orlando rock music | Examiner.com

Walking Dead Lawsuit Settled - Orlando Comic Books | Examiner.com

Nightwish Part With Lead Singer - Orlando rock music | Examiner.com

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