Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"The Sami Callihan Story" - Conclusion

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The next night on Raw, Miz is asked backstage by Josh Matthews about Callihan's remarks after beating Kingston. Miz responds:

Really? Callihan wants to do this one more time? I nearly crippled him before, then pinned him thanks to him making someone else mad. But you know, Josh? Technically, we each have a win...and neither of those was very decisive, were they?

Miz walks away from Matthews with no more answers than when he started...

Later in the show, The Miz beats David Otunga. Post-match, Callihan comes out to the ring. Instead of attacking Miz, Callihan grabs a microphone and steps in the ring to address Miz face to face:

Don't think I didn't hear you earlier, Miz. And you know, you're right. You haven't really beaten me and I haven't really beaten you either. And that presents a huge problem for me. See, when it comes down to it, Regal had a point. I've been so focused on who's been held back and who's towed the company line that I lost my real mission - to show I belonged here and that even sycophants like you couldn't hold me down. I don't need to hurt you or put you out of action...I need that [pointing at the US Championship]. I need to beat you once and for all and hold a championship that establishes ME as "The Next Big Thing." We both need to settle this and put to rest the question of who's the better man. You and me. Survivor Series. One on one. No Holds Barred. For the United States Championship. If you've got the stomach for it. Champ.

Callihan leaves Miz in the ring - untouched, angry, and confused.

The following week on Raw, The Miz is out to the ring to address Callihan:

Callihan left early last week before I could address his gracious request. But than, that's how you've handled everything since you've shown up, hasn't it? Walking away and attacking people from behind...you're the biggest coward the WWE has ever seen!

Callihan emerges from the back, angry. He stops at the of the ramp, scowling at Miz.

Ah, there's the WWE's favorite troll now. I'll admit, I was almost impressed that you didn't try to hit me from behind last week and that I didn't have to kick you off my ankle like a chihuahua. You can tell the WWE Universe you've changed all you want, but I think you're full of crap.. One thing you're right about - we need this settled. And you think I won't have the guts to meet you in a No Holds Barred match? That's where you're wrong, troll-boy. I've been in my share of wars. "I Quit" matches with John Cena. Battles with Daniel Bryan and Chris Jericho...hell, I sent John Morrison packing after our Falls Count Anywhere match on this show! I've got more guts than you certainly ever will. No Holds Barred for my US Championship at Survivor Series? You're on.

Callihan grins from the ramp as the match is made.

The following week, on Raw, Callihan makes R-Truth tap out to the Stretch Muffler in one on one competition. Afterward, Callihan grabs a microphone:

You don't believe I've changed, Miz? I honestly don't care if you do. All you need to know is your days are numbered as United States Champion. I'll leave you breathing, but I'll leave you beaten and without your precious Championship. And I'll do it on my terms. No disqualifications, no countouts, there has to be a winner. And that winner has to be me because I need this more than I've needed anything. Once I've established myself here and prove that I belong, you can believe me then.

The following week, Miz also scores a decisive victory on Raw, this one over Cody Rhodes. After the match, Miz talks to Josh Matthews backstage:

You know, Callihan, no one doubts your ability. You can go; that's not the question. The reason you haven't proven you belong here because you've attacked guys like me and put us on the shelf like a coward rather than face us head on. All I need to believe, with zero doubt, is that I can beat a troll like you who's nothing but a coward.

Six days later at Survivor Series, Callihan and The Miz engage in final battle for the US Championship in a No Holds Barred match. The near 20-minute encounter is first spent with both wrestling, then breaking down much like their Night of Champions match. However, Calihan seems to escalate the violence only in retaliation; he does not instigate any if the out-of-the-ring brawling or use of weapons first. The Miz, still feeling wronged from Callihan's actions throughout their history, plays the aggressor. At one point, a wrench (used to tighten the turnbuckles, the announcers explain) is pulled from under the ring. Miz and Calliham both try to use the wrench as a blunt-force weapon at different points, but both men are thwarted. Even after Callihan has severely damages the Miz's knee throughout the bout, Callihan still can't get The Miz to submit to the Stretch Muffler. After surviving the Figure-4 from the Miz, Callihan goes for the Stretch Muffler one more time - with the wrench wedged behind his neck and The Miz's knee! The Miz, unable to take any more, finally taps out as Sami Callihan wins the United States Championship.


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