Monday, June 10, 2013

"The Sami Callihan Story" - Part 6

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The next night on Raw, Josh Matthews is with William Regal backstage. Matthews explains that Regal has asked for this time to speak:

I understand my actions ruined a championship match last night, and for that I need to apologize to the WWE Universe. I am fully aware that my time may not be long for being here and I need to make the most of what I have. That's why I did what I did last night, because there's no way I could let my career come to a crashing halt at the hands of that charlatan, Sami Callihan. What he did to me, and what he has done to others such as The Miz and Kofi Kingston, must be rectified, and I refuse to rest until that has been done. That is why I did what I did last night, and I hope the WWE Universe can understand that. I also implore Vickie Guerrero or whomever I must to grant me a match with Callihan at Over The Limit to put an end to this toerag once and for all.

The following week on Raw, Callihan makes The Great Khali tap out to the stretch Muffler. After the match, Callihan takes the microphone:

You know, once upon a time I respected William Regal. Hell, I nearly idolized him. Having him taking me under his wing and be given the opportunity to learn from one of the masters of the craft was a dream come true. That dream went sour when Regal tried to make me something I'm not. You see, Regal was a bad guy. He was the villain in every sense of the word, and as a kid growing up and watching him on TV, I loved it. However, Regal feels the need to make up for it in his old age and, to do that, he used me. He manipulated me to make up for his shortcomings until I smartened up to what he was doing. I already owed him, but then he went and cost me my chance at the United States Championship, my opportunity to shut The Miz up once and for all,  MY CHANCE AT REDEMPTION! For that, Regal, you pay the ultimate price. Over The Edge? You want to meet me one-on-one? You got it, old man. I only regret I can't put you out of your misery sooner.

Two days later on Main Event, William Regal defeats Wade Barrett in a grueling contest - one that ends with Regal using the ropes for leverage away from. The referees vantage point. Afterward, Regal runs at a prone Barrett and knocks him out with the knee to the head! After the commercial break, Regal talks to Renee Young backstage:

You know, young lady, I truly hated to do that to a fellow countryman. But, I did it to prove a point. Sami Callihan says I used to be a villain? My dear lady, I still am. And if I'm willing to do that to someone I respect that shares the same nationality as I do, can you imagine the beating that toerag Callihan will suffer once I meet him?

The next week on Raw, William Regal and Kofi Kingston take on Sami Callihan and Wade Barrett in tag action. The match ultimately becomes a singles contest between Kingston and Barrett when Callihan and Regal fight to the back almost immediately after the match starts! Kingston defeats Barrett as Calliham and Regal slug it out backstage until referees and officials arrive to separate the two.  Post-commercial, announcers indicate that the two have been ejected from the building by Vickie Guerrero.

Six days later at Over the Limit, the match between Sami Callihan and William Regal becomes a 15-minute war of attrition. As the contest goes on, Callihan seems hesitant to seriously hurt Regal. Callihan wins the match with the Stretch Muffler submission. Post-match, Callihan immediately releases the hold and stands and stares at Regal. Regal limps up to Callihan angrily - and shakes his hand. Regal can be seen telling Callihan, "I knew you had it in you, lad." Regal then limps out of the ring and up the ramp.


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