Monday, May 20, 2013

"The Sami Callihan Story" - Part 3

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The following night on Raw after Payback, the same scene as the night before nearly repeats itself as Callihan defeats Zack Ryder with the Stretch Muffler. As the bell rings to end the match, Regal stares at Callihan who releases the hold immediately after the bell rings. Regal enters the ring and grins at Callihan. Regal pats him on the shoulder as they leave the ring.

The following week on Raw, those same actions happen again, only this time with Alex Riley tapping. Again, Callihan lets go after the bell and, again, Regal shows how proud he is. The announcers comment, as they did the week prior, about how Callihan seems to be improving his focus under Regal’s control.

The next week on Raw, Josh Matthews catches up with Regal and Callihan in the back. Matthews asks Callihan about retaining his composure the last couple weeks, noting that he had not tried to hurt either Ryder or Riley. Callihan goes to answer, but Regal speaks for his charge:

D’you see how well Mr. Callihan is coming along? His focus is no longer in hurting those he feels not have earned their particular stature. The important thing is working up the ladder to be prepared for any competitor, and that’s what Mr. Callihan--

Regal stops, as his sentence - and train of thought - are interrupted by Kofi Kingston:

You know, I’m glad your boy’s learning to get along with others a little better. But I haven’t forgotten in the slightest how he tried to put me out. Not only that, but I never did get--

Callihan snatches the microphone out of Kingston’s hand:

“Never did get” what, Kofi? Your “revenge”? Your “second chance”? You ever think that was one of the reasons you’re even still wrestling - is because you deserve better than you’ve gotten? I’ve told you that, but apparently you don’t feel like listening. That’s fine - Since you want to be put away so badly, you can have your “second chance” at Money in the Bank coming up in two weeks. Maybe you can share stories with your friend Miz about how it feels to be watching from the sidelines!

Kingston and Callihan begin yelling at each other as referees arrive on the scene to help Regal keep Callihan and Kingston separated. After the commercial break, Michael Cole announces the match is made for Money in the Bank.

The following week on Main Event, Callihan dispatches Drew McIntyre with the Stretch Muffler. After the match, Callihan releases the hold but looks uncertain whether he wants to go for it again. Regal steps in to talk Callihan out of it and the two exchange another tense stare that the announcers notice that Callihan may be “reverting back to his old ways.”

Four days later, Kingston and Callihan meet at Money in the Bank. After a little over 10 minutes of action, Callihan makes Kofi tap to the Stretch Muffler. After the bell rings, Callihan refuses to let go of the hold. At all. Regal and several referees try to pull him off, but to no avail. It is announced that the decision is reversed and Kingston is declared the winner by disqualification as Regal finally physically pulls Callihan off of Kingston. Regal screams at Callihan in the ring, who simply scowls at Regal before leaving the ring. Regal follows Callihan to the back, admonishing him the whole way.


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