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"The Sami Callihan Story" - Part 4

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The following night on Raw, Callihan walks ahead of Regal to the ring. As they get there, Regal immediately takes a microphone and addresses Callihan:

Since your reprehensible actions last night, I notice you haven’t answered any calls or messages. You haven’t wanted to talk in private, so I’m forced to ask you for an explanation now as to why you hurt Mr. Kingston last night. We were making progress towards turning you away from a path of violence and injuring--

Callihan snatches the microphone from Regal.

No. We were making progress towards me making up for all of your mistakes! I came here to make my own mark and with my own mission. Mr. Regal, I admire everything you’ve done in this business, good and bad. It inspired me to take control of my own life and career and be my own man. It also helped me to see that guys like yourself, Alex Riley, and Zack Ryder made their own way, politics be damned. Kofi Kingston is one of those guys, too - but he decided he’d rather be this company’s puppet rather than be his own man. I wanted to leave him out of it, but he chose to get in the way...

Callihan gets in Regal’s face.

...Just like you chose to take me off of my own path and try to put me on yours. I respect you and everything you’ve done, Mr. Regal, but this is your opportunity to make your own way instead of dragging me down that path. I will no longer follow where you’re going because I have my own way--

Regal now gets in the face of Callihan

You have your own way to make to ruin! You’re sorely undisciplined and you lack any kind of focus towards success! Your judgment of who’s worthy and who’s held everyone down has clouded your judgment to the point where you’ll never make it toward a championship! I’m trying to keep you from failing in your mission of success, which isn’t what your mother or your best friend would--

Callihan suddenly boots Regal in the face, snapping at the mention of those who have passed. He viciously beats Regal down to the mat and, after suplexing Regal over his head, applies the Stretch Muffler to Regal! Backstage officials and referees rush down to the ring to pull Callihan off of Regal before he can permanently injure Regal, but no one can stop Callihan. Regal’s career looks to be coming to an end - until the Miz runs to the ring from backstage! The Miz attacks Callihan, separating him from Regal as he pounds on the man who put him out for two months. Callihan finally retreats with a look of shock on his face that The Miz has returned. Meanwhile, officials and referees tend to Regal while commentators try their best to make sense of this chaotic scene. The sight of Miz screaming at Callihan from the ring fades to black before a commercial break.

The following week on Raw, The Miz emerges to ringside to address the Universe:

Gotta tell you, it feels good to be back, especially since I wasn’t sure there for a second if I would be. After Pigpen - woops, I mean Callihan - got a hold of my knee after Extreme Rules, I spent the entire time from being carried out of this ring to the next day waking up in the hospital wondering if I would ever be here again. I was relieved when the doctor told me that yeah, I was hurt, but that it could have been a lot worse. It was a relief to know I had the means to make it back it to this ring, and seeing that filthy hairball carry out his “crusade” of who’s been “held down”? I couldn’t wait to get back here! You guys are great motivation, but so is seeing Callihan walk around here like he’s earned something.

Callihan walks out from the back and Miz spots him immediately.

Yeah, you heard me you dirty little troll. You walk around here like you’ve earned something, but you haven’t. All you’ve done is hurt people on your way to “ending the era” of the “spoiled superstar.” Well, troll-boy, this is your lucky night. You haven’t earned a damn thing, but I’m still gonna give you a chance to continue your creepy crusade...

Miz holds up the US Title.

MIZ: well as a shot at this. SummerSlam’s coming up sooner than later. This may be a little backwards, but then so’s my whole career! I’m challenging you to a United States Championship match at SummerSlam. Just me and you, Callihan - to see if you’re any good or if you’re all whine and no talent!

The camera cuts to Callihan, who’s nodding and grinning. The announcers confirm that the match is made for SummerSlam.

The following week on Raw, The Miz defeats Damien Sandow in non-title action. After the bout, Callihan rushes the ring and attacks The Miz. The scene is almost a scary replay of the first attack as Callihan nearly destroys Miz before going for the Stretch Muffler. However, referees intervene and are able to stop Callihan from doing any lasting damage. The Miz is left in pain but with no lasting damage this time as Callihan departs, scowling at Miz.

Later the same week on Smackdown, Renee Young catches up with The Miz backstage, who laments:

Is it just me, Renee, or does this troll Callihan never do anything face to face? Every time we turn around, Callihan's trying to put out someone like me or Kofi or Regal! What this shows me is that Callihan can't cut it here because he can't get the job done in the ring when it counts. And if he can't make it here without that, then it's about time someone shows him the door.

Days later on Raw, the roles are reversed. After Callihan defeats Jinder Mahal, The Miz takes his opportunity to run down to ringside and get a piece of Callihan. Referees separate the two after an even exchange, but not even the referees can prevent what becomes a wild melee. Ultimately, Vickie Guerrero and Brad Maddox emerge from the back:

Excuse me! EXCUSE ME!! You two already have a match coming up at SummerSlam! Jeopardizing that with this behavior is inexcusable! You two want to get your hands on each other?! You'll have to wait until your match at SummerSlam...because if either one of you lays a finger on the other between now and then, you'll BOTH BE FIRED!

Miz and Callihan both look at Vickie Guerrero with death in their eyes. The hatred in their eyes is even worse when they turn and stare each other down as we fade to commercial.

The following week on Raw, Callihan comes to the ring to give his thoughts on the developments of the prior week and what's to come:

So, Miz wants to make a big deal about whether or not I hit him from behind or confront him face-to-face. Here's a breaking development coming through the newswire, Miz - I don't care. I don't give a damn if we're nose to nose or if I jump you in a parking lot and slam your preety face in a car door. People like you just deserve to be put out of this business and out of our misery. Kofi? He should be above this based just on talent alone, but he's too busy towing the company line. Putting him out is just a mercy killing. Regal? Wanted me to become him at the expense of everything I've sacrificed to get here. But you,'re still the primary target. For waltzing in here and having everything handed to you, you deserve to be eliminated. And I don't care how I have to get it done. But I'll tell you what - you're so concerned with whether or not I can "get the job done"? Ending your career would be wonderful...but so would taking your United States Championship and proving to a pretty-boy punk like you that I am, at the end of the day, better than you.

The following week on Raw, Miz is asked backstage by Josh Matthews about his match in six days at SummerSlam defending the US Championship against Sami Callihan:

What more do you need to know than what we've all seen, Josh? That degenerate coward's jumped me from behind twice now. The first time it happened, I wasn't 100% sure I'd ever make it back to the WWE Universe again. Only to have him try it again? Why? Because that filthy little troll can't succeed here otherwise, that's why - and I'll prove--

Callihan suddenly stops as the camera swings over to reveal Sami Callihan now in Miz's face. Referees arrive on the scene, ready to separate the two as Callihan speaks:

The first time I left you for dead, it should have stayed that way. But now, I'm glad you made it back. I said it would start with you, and it will in six days. That's when I'll beat on one, face to face., no excuses...and prove I belong here [points to the United States Championship] by taking that.

Referees are imploring Callihan and Miz not to let things escalate as Callihan walks away.

Six days later at SummerSlam, the match between Miz and Callihan is a heated, personal contest. Callihan spends most of the match punishing Miz's knee and taunting him. (At one point, Callihan points and laughs at The Miz as a referee asks Miz if he wants to give up. The announcers point out how "sadistic this degenerate Callihan is.") Finally, Miz mounts a comeback and has the upper hand when Callihan hauls off and spits at Miz, who snaps and completely loses his temper. After pounding on Callihan, Miz locks in the Figure-4 and refuses to let go of the hold despite the referee pleading before counting to 5. The Miz retains the US Championship by disqualification, but it's crystal clear the issue is far from settled.


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