Tuesday, June 4, 2013

"The Sami Callihan Story" - Part 5

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The next night on Raw, one of the matches announced for next week is a US Championship defense as Miz defends against Cody Rhodes after Rhodes defeats Tensai for a title shot. Renee Young gets reaction from The Miz backstage:

You know, Renee, I'll be the first to admit I did something stupid last night and lost my temper. That's an issue I'll have to deal with down the road, but next week, Cody Rhodes is coming for this [pats United States Championship] and I can't afford to look past that. The Callihan troll will have to wait his turn.

Later the same night, Callihan (with a slight but noticeable limp) defeats Santino Marella in short order by submission with the Stretch Muffler. Callihan releases the muffler immediately once the bell rings, then demands a microphone:

Last night, Miz, I proved you can't beat me!  And everyone here saw it, just like they're seeing you running scared and ducking me now! You go ahead and hide behind that United States Championship that you still have because you got yourself disqualified. You go ahead and focus on Cody Rhodes. This "little troll" will wait his turn - but when it comes, I'll be the monster under your bed that'll make every nightmare you've ever had come true.

The following week on Raw, The Miz defeats Cody Rhodes in a close match to retain the united States Championship. We come back from commercial to see replay of what happened on the WWE app: Callihan viciously attacked Miz as he walked back through the curtain after the match. As The Miz is laying, Callihan asks him before walking away:

Should I go after your knee again, Miz, and cripple you for good? Or would taking your US Championship torture you even more?

Next week on Raw, Callihan is on the way to the ring for a match before commercial when he is attacked by Miz! Miz lays out Callihan backstage without uttering a word as we go to commercial.

After the break, Vickie Guerrero and Brad Maddox are with Josh Matthews. Guerrero officially announces that Miz will defend the United States Championship against Sami Callihan in a No Disqualification match at Night of Champions. Guerrero also adds that, since they can't keep their hands off each other, they will be across the ring from each other next week in tag team action.

The next week on Raw, Sami Callihan and Antonio Cesaro face The Miz and R-Truth. The Miz has a hard time not going after Callihan, while Callihan seems focused on the match at hand. The announcers note that Callihan may have finally gotten inside Miz's head. The match ends when Callihan pins Miz after European uppercut/big boot combo while the referee's back is turned. Callihan leaves with Cesaro, laughing at The Miz as Michael Cole wonders aloud if Callihan has The Miz's number.

Six days later at Night of Champions, the match between Callihan and The Miz starts with Callihan out-wrestling The Miz and Miz growing more and more frustrated. After Callihan misses a running boot in the corner, the tables are turned and Miz begins frustrating Callihan by taking control. Seven minutes in,  the match breaks down into a fight as the two take it outside the ring in a wild melee. About 12 minutes, both are in the ring and Callihan, after getting the upper hand with brawling, scores with the running kick! The referee is counting what seems to be an academic pin when the returning William Regal runs down to ringside and pulls the referee out of the ring! Regal attacks Callihan, knocking him out cold with the running knee to the head. Miz, unaware of interference, covers Callihan as the referee comes to and counts the fall. The Miz retains the United States Championship.


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