Sunday, September 9, 2012

Interlude: Davey Richards's Redemption? Or Setup?

Taken from’s results from last night’s Caged Hostility show from Ring of Honor (with pertinent info highlighted):

Davey Richards is out to address the crowd. He puts over the tag match. He says, ” I love wrestling, more importantly, I love it in a ROH ring.” He also name drops Samoa Joe & Bryan Danielson. Says he’s very ashamed of the person he’s been out of the ring the last year. That he put his trust in the wrong people but that the WOLF is back! Says he’s gonna come out later and watch a match later in the evening, probably the O’Reilly/Cole match and says he’ll be at Death Before Dishonor in Chicago

Okay, if this your first time here or if you happened to miss why this is important, feel free to go get caught up. ‘S cool. I’ll wait a second.


So, now you get what Richards was talking about. Yes, I was already well and fully aware that Davey Richards will be returning to “address the crowd” on iPPV next weekend at “Death Before Dishonor X”. I was holding off on making any comment until I heard that, but it seems now we already have an idea of where “Wrestling’s Most Wanted” might go.

Bear in mind that, in the Ring of Honor storylines, Kyle O’Reilly turned heel on Richards at the June iPPV, “Best in the World 2012: Hostage Crisis”. O’Reilly told Richards he was on his own, effectively dissolving “Team Ambition” in Ring of Honor.

Real life was another story, however, as O’Reilly turned face against Richards and Kozina, returning his share of the promoter’s money he made off with.

Oh, and later last night (with pertinent info highlighted once again)?

PROVING GROUND – Best In The World Return Match Kyle O’Reilly defeats ROH World TV Champion Adam Cole in 15:48 via rollup out of a German Suplex attempt after Cole bumped him into Richards who got on the apron to “inadvertently” distract Cole. Davey Richards is out to watch this match. O’Reilly thus should be getting a future shot at the TV title.

It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. Unintentionally, this is the most captivating thing Ring of Honor has going on to me right now. Do they recognize “Wrestling’s Most Wanted” and pull the trigger on that, or do they keep it clean with Richards trying to rehab his image? I'll damn sure be paying attention to the DBDX iPPV (lulz intrawebz abbreviations) to see if they play it safe or not.

By the way, I posed the question to an expert a while back. His answer?

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