Thursday, September 6, 2012

Examiner Feed - 08.24.12 to 09.06.12

Wowsers. Am I a little behind or what?

Sorry. Kids went back to school, then got sick. Been handling some other business, too.

But enough about me - let's get you caught up on some of the big happenings, shall we?

Papa Roach Frontman to Undergo Throat Surgery - Orlando rock music |

Ed Brubaker Leaving Winter Soldier and Marvel Behind - Orlando Comic Books |

Rob Liefeld Targets Batman Writer and Marvel VP on Twitter - Orlando Comic Books |

DC Announces Second "Justice League" Title for 2013 - Orlando Comic Books |

Journey, Kid Rock, Others performing at Republican National Convention - Orlando rock music |

Noel Gallagher Declares the Age of the Rock Star is Coming to an End - Orlando rock music |

Members of Baroness Headed Home After Being Released From Hospital - Orlando rock music |

DC Gives Batman, "Phantom Stranger" Details at Fan Expo - Orlando Comic Books |

Marvel Executives Discuss Marvel NOW With Retailers - Orlando Comic Books |

UPDATED: ABC Orders SHIELD Pilot for Joss Whedon (Video) - Orlando Comic Books |

Batman To Appear in Justice League Film Before His Own? (Video) - Orlando Comic Books |

The Killers to Stream Unique Live Show in September - Orlando rock music |

Duran Duran Cancels Remainder of North American Tour - Orlando rock music |

TMNT Co-Creator Discusses Leaked Movie Script - Orlando Comic Books |

Eddie Van Halen Undergos Surgery for Diverticulitis - Orlando rock music |

Scrapped Justice League/Transformers Crosssover Proposal Surfaces Online - Orlando Comic Books |

Green Day Lead Singer Returns to US After Hospitalization - Orlando rock music |

Carrey Confirmed for Kick-Ass Sequel? - Orlando Comic Books |

Ben Folds Five Set to Return at NYCC - Orlando rock music |

Iowa Doctor Charged With Death of Slipknot Bassist - Orlando rock music |

Jagermeister Bringing Halestorm to Orlando December 15 - Orlando rock music |

Unreleased Charles Manson Music to be Released Thanks to Kickstarter - Orlando rock music |

Brand New Elfquest Story to Premiere Online - Orlando Comic Books |

The CW Planning Wonder Woman Series - Orlando Comic Books |

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