Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Revival of Abraham Washington

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So, Abraham Washington - you know, dude who made the Kobe Bryant crack about Kobe Bryant on Raw? Yeah, he's been canned. The only surprise is how long it took WWE to do it, especially considering AW's "gracious" exit rant on Twitter.

But, there's hope for AW yet. Especially if TNA is smart. Because if they are, he's their next signee.

No, seriously. Follow me for just a second.

All the attention in the wrestling world - and even some in mainstream circles - is on AW right now. For all the wrong reasons, mind you, but it's there. And it's not unprecedented that, with the right amount of legitimate heat, there's money to be made in wrestling. Like it or not, Wrestling's Most Wanted are proving that as I type this. So, TNA should take that forward-thinking example and strike while the iron is hot.

Here's how this could work: TNA hires Washington as a manager. You could put him with virtually anyone (although Zima Ion stands out as a good immediate candidate). Give him the live ringside mic. Give him a line that he can't cross with certain subjects on the other side of that line. (Do I even have to say that rape is one of them?) And then let him dance right on that line week after week. Like Paul E did when he was still a manager in ECW.

The moment it's announced that TNA has signed Abraham Washington, the groans begin. "Oh, good Lord, what is this guy gonna say here?" He already has the attention. And whether people will admit it in public or not, they'll tune in to see what AW's gonna say. Let him be as edgy as he wants (within reason) and keep people hooked. Give viewers a reason to have that "did he seriously just say that?!" reaction week in and week out.

Against their better judgment, they're hooked to tuning in. Whether people are fascinated by the train wreck or whether they start enjoying his rants and he actually gets over, more people will be paying attention to the show - and, as a result, the product that TNA produces.

In this day and age where people seem to be actively looking for reasons to get outraged? Give them what they want. Let them get outraged. Let everybody talk about how despicable Washington is for making that rape joke. Let everybody talk about how TNA is so "low class" to sign the guy that made said joke. And then sit back and let the money roll in. Millions of dollars, millions of dollars.

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