Friday, July 2, 2010

[VIDEO] Billy Corgan cuts club gig short after heckling

A crowd that can't keep quiet + a few hecklers = Billy Corgan leaving the stage at a Smashing Pumpkins warm-up gig...

Okay, let me admit I'm not the biggest Smashing Pumpkins fan in the world. By any stretch. Especially now that the band may as well be called the Billy Corgan Experience.

That having been said, I've always believed that, for any show, any given attendee should take in to account who they're going to see and what they should expect out of the performer. Conversely, it is the performer's job to entertain their audience and to put on a worthy performance for those who spent the money and took the time to come see them.

Corgan and his band, by all accounts, lived up to their end of the bargain. The audience, it seems, did not.

Am I surprised to see this sort of thing out of a "hipper-than-thou" crowd that feels they're entitled to give the performer a hard time simply because they went out to be seen? No.

Does it bother me that the set had to be cut short because of selfishness and a much-inflated sense of self-importance out of those involved? You're damn right it does.

Despite how I feel about the Pumpkins or about Corgan, this really bothers me that even he was treated so rudely by a crowd that was too concerned with its own image rather than shut up for two seconds's a novel attention to and maybe enjoy the show they paid to see.

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