Friday, July 2, 2010

Chris Brown: Round 2 (Final Round)

Nothing much here than a little more proof...

Apparently, reports have surfaced that one of Brown's bodyguards slipped him some special eyedrops not before the performance itself, but right before he went to sing "Man In The Mirror". You know, the part where he started blubbering like a baby. Not only that, but Brown's friend, R&B/Hip-Hop singer Lloyd (umm...who?), said in an interview with that--well...

"He's back with a vengeance...I think that they're gonna find a place in their heart for him again...I told him man, you gotta get up there. You gotta CRY, you gotta really show your heart to the world."

For the defense...or so it would seem, but these almost says more than the previous statements about the whole mess...Lloyd issued a statement recanting his comments that were about three times as long as the comments themselves. And, of course, the reports of the bodyguard slipping him the eye-drops have been denied in two reports. One comes from Brown's camp, which--DUUUH. What do you expect them to do, admit to it?! Take a close look at who's reporting that, though, because the second report comes from...

..well, lo and behold, it's BET's Stephen Hill! Interesting how BET - you know, the source of the awards in the first place - is all about going out of their way to shoot down these "rumors". Equally interesting is how you cannot find a single frame of Brown's performance anywhere on BET's official site.

Addressed in Round 1 was how all the video of this simply...vanished. Come to find out, the videos went away about the same time the report about the eye-drops surfaced.

Still want to think this is a shoot? That's certainly your prerogative. You're also welcome to think that Marc Almond was the first guy to sing "Tainted Love", that Styx's Caught In The Act is the greatest concert film ever, and that Mel Gibson loves him some Jews.

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