Sunday, April 17, 2016

One of the One-Two Punch

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I wrote a couple (literally, as in 2) things that I shared with my pal Ryan Boman. Practicing for an opportunity that may come soon. It's about time I use this for things that don't go anywhere else. This is one of them. It's also a little out of date now, but the general idea still feels relevant to me. So, here's this:


Watching the drama in San Bernardino, CA unfold in real time. Hell with any action movie or scripted TV thriller - nobody's beating CNN when it comes to suspense right now.

They must be loving the ratings. If you listen very closely, you might be able to hear Wolf Blitzer pleasuring himself in a bathroom right now. Stories like this is what he and his network live for. They'll deal with the aftermath later with all the subtlety and tact of a bulldozer laced with explosives.

Because as much as they put the sympathy face when the cameras are rolling, they could give a damn about the lives they'll trample over on their way to getting the story. To many people want to hear gritty details for them to be concerned with the privacy and damage done to the loved ones left behind. Why bother with a select few when the masses demand entertainment?

And please make no mistake - that's what this is. Facts? Journalistic integrity? None of that matters where real money are involved. And the ratings from an incident like this surely means bank. They probably can't wait to unleash the "T"-word (terrorist) because that's another buzzword that opens the cash drawer. That word guarantees the story continues because what better way to get the masses to tune in than scare the entire hell out of them?

Matter of fact, no lie - Literally as I type this just now? Wolf Blitzer just said - and I quote - "Police cannot confirm or deny this was a terrorist act." Translation: We REFUSE to let that idea die!

The reason they refuse to let that word go. - and others like it, such as Muslim, abortion, Christian, controversy, mass shooting and much more - is because they want to "spark discussion." A bald-faced lie. In an age of political correctness where offending someone is as easy as putting on a sweater, that controversy is fuel to them. Let the masses argue amongst themselves and use social media as an excuse to harass and bully each other. Keep them to busy to notice how much money they're donating to our corporate cause of keeping us rich and then stupid.

I should be watching this thinking, "All those poor victims." But I can't. Because I've been witness to how the media tramples lived for the sake of a dollar. And it's happening again in San Bernardino.

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