Monday, June 16, 2014

This Feud MUST Continue!

This is your wrestling warning. If you're not into it, hit the back button. Plzkthxbi.
And if this looks like crap, I'm dictating this into my phone so please bear with me.
Apparently, news just broke that Kevin Steen has officially signed with WWE. Not maybe. Not, he looked good in the tryout. Not, once it clears his medical tests and all that jazz. Apparently, it's a done. Deal.
Let the comments about how he shouldn't even be in NXT and the jokes about the random name generator began. I don't care. For me? Starting now, I'm only worried about one thing: if his feud with Sami Zeayn picks up again at some point. Or El Generico. However you wanna look at it.
I'm mostly agreed with Jim Cornette. But his thoughts about the feud between Steen and Generico...that's where I have to agree to disagree with the man. That was, quite literally, a three-year feud that showcase the best of what both of those men could do. Blood, sweat, and tears. A full story, beginning to end. With some of the best matches this decade. And I would love to see it again.
I'm not dumb. I know that it may well not happen. Chris Hero came and went without even touching the main roster, and Sami Callahan has spent a year without even being on NXT television. I'm not declaring this is going to happen, because who the hell knows what his run may or may not produce?
But hot damn, am I going to hope it does somewhere down the line. Please.

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