Tuesday, June 3, 2014

C3C1 Preview: Revelations #6

Revelations #6 (FINAL ISSUE)
Writer(s): Paul Jenkins
Artist(s): Humberto Ramos

Detective Charlie Northern is close to the truth behind the death of the Pope’s successor, but he struggles with his quickly fracturing faith. With the implication of a dark, corrupt cult at the very heart of the Vatican, Northern’s investigation into one unexplained death might dismantle one of the oldest, most valued institutions of the world. Discover the truth in this final chapter of Jenkins and Ramos’ thrilling mystery!

Revelations has been a pleasant surprise. Paul Jenkins is a pretty good writer, but Humberto Ramos is the one who's made me turn my head the most. I'm so used to his over-the-top cartoon style in various iterations of Spider-Man that I had no idea he could pull something like a Catholic murder mystery off. Looking forward to reading this series wrap-up as this has been a cool story.

Oh, it's also a 17+ story, so parents should keep that in mind. And if you're Catholic and easily offended, this is your warning, too. Tread lightly.

Available at your local comic shop June 4.

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