Monday, June 2, 2014

C3C1 Preview: High Crimes #7

This is something I'm going to be trying out. Since I have access to this stuff, I may as well put some use to it. If you're not already reading comics, first of all -  you're missing out. Secondly, maybe you have a good place to start with posts like this.

So here's how it works: New Comics Day is pretty much always on a Wednesday. So, what you're seeing previews of here will always come out the Wednesday immediately after. Think you can follow along? Good deal. Because here's the first C3C1 Preview.


High Crimes #7

Writer: Christopher Sebela

Artist: Ibrahim Moustafa
Color Assists: Lesley Atlansky

Price: $0.99

Pages: 22
Rating: 17+

Dug in at Camp 2, Zan Jensen has lied, killed and drugged her way to within 8,000 feet of Mount Everest's summit. As desolate weather sweeps across the mountain and Zan readies herself to face her dream and the dead body of Sullivan Mars buried beneath it, she finds herself isolated, paranoid, sick and surrounded by Strange Agents playing a game all their own.

High Crimes was one of the Monkeybrain books that got mixed in with the #CS100. I read the first issue, and I'll be honest, it sucked me right in.

I've already read this issue. Don't worry, no spoilers. The slow burn tension that Christopher Sebela is using to build to the end of this book is tremendous. This issue is a great example of that.

Oh, and Christopher Sebela? He's a name to watch. In the next few years, I think we're going to be talking about him the way we talk about Ed Brubaker now. I've also been reading Dead Letters from Boom! Studios, and both of these books are excellent. Get on those ASAP. You can start with High Crimes #7, available right here.

I also still say that Ibrahim Moustafa is pretty damn good for a "self-taught artist."

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