Friday, March 14, 2014


Yeah, I know. Been another long stretch of nothin'. For what it's worth, I have a couple story ideas I may want to put down on (digital) paper. I may be a little more active here again soon. But, then, I've been having too much fun on Panels On Pages. You remember me talking about that, right?

I need to start listing those pieces here, too. Maybe later. But, if it helps, having too much fun on Panels On Pages is kinda why I'm here right now.

Kit, Here's The Scoop on #CS100. You heard me talk about on it on Twitter all day yesterday. It came from a love of reading. And writing. And wanting to explore the "micro-blogging" properties of Twitter. #CS100 will accomplish all of the above.

This past weekend, ComiXology offered up 100 (!) titles from their "Submit" initiative for only $10 (!!). Of course I jumped on that. Not just because it worked out to a dime per title, but because it was all independent creators, which is where my tastes lie more nowadays.

I should probably back up a bit and explain what's going on for the uninitiated. Comixology is a digital comics platform where you can buy and read comics without all the messy paper. Comnixology Submit is their independent arm, launched a year ago at SXSW (where things like that apparently happen now). Instead of going for Marvel or DC (who it pains me to say is really tanking right now, at least in terms of quality), I've been leaning more towards smaller, independent books. Because more often than not, that's where the quality is at*. So, when they offered up 100 (!) titles from their "Submit" initiative for only $10 (!!), of course I jumped on that. Wow, deja vu.

I'm gonna have a blast reading each one of them. Yes, each one of them. And you get to come along for the ride and share in my madness, because each of the 100 titles will be reviewed on Twitter in no particular order. There'll also be a tie-in on the aforementioned Panels On Pages in a couple weeks. Now, this isn't the only thing I do on Twitter, so you'll know if it's a review by seeing the #CS100 (as in, Comixology Submit, 100 books) hashtag.

This is gonna be too much fun. Hope you come along for the ride.

* - Case in point: World War Mob by my pal, Vito Delsante. Imagine a croup of capos having to take out a hit. In the middle of the biggest war in our planet's history. This is good stuff, 2 issues in. And it's only about $2 an issue! Looking forward to more. I promise it won't disappoint if you give it a try.

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