Saturday, December 1, 2012

Fanning the James Gunn Fire

So, the scariest thing about this James Gunn "controversy"?

It's not that he made these remarks nearly 2 years ago , nor that a petition was started to remove him as director of Marvel's upcoming "Guardians Of The Galaxy" because he made rude comments about fictional characters. It's not that was called a "homophobe" or a "Slut-shamer" over said comments. About fictional characters. Or even that he was forced to apologize for remarks he made nearly 2 years ago. Over fictional characters.

The scariest thing about this James Gunn "controversy" is that the original blog post these remarks appeared on? Was deleted. And then dragged back out from a cached archive so someone could continue the witch hunt.

Translation: the post no longer existed. But someone went out of their way to find a copy of it so they could continue the public lashings.

And you wonder why I feel like, as a culture, we go out of our way to find reasons to get outraged.

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