Thursday, August 16, 2012

Kris Humphries to Put Reality on Trial

I’m going to make it clear right off the bat that I hate most of the Kardashian family, save for Bruce and possibly Khloe/Lamar. The reason those three are off the hook is because they don’t seem to be quite the fame whores that everyone else in the family is. They’re the most shining example of what is wrong with American pop culture - by-products of reality television.

Which is why, oh my GOD, I am so rooting for Kris Humphries in his divorce against Kim Kardashian. Just about every other “news” site has ranged from being biased (for obvious reasons) to attempting to be be glibly cute (and failing miserably). My old stomping grounds had actually one of the better recaps about the hearing on August 15, but it seems even they kinda missed what’s about to happen and why I’m rooting for Humphries.

To be fair, this is probably one of those bits that Jeremy had to report on for 4111 because it was news, but could probably actually care less. I totally get that; won’t hold it against him a bit. In fact, I’ll lift most of his recap of the hearing because the other two make me want to retch, for completely different reasons and, whether this was intentional or not, Jeremy nailed what’s so important about this:

Wasser complained in court that despite the lengthy proceedings to date, it isn't clear what Humphries wants out of the subpoena. She noted that Humphries has been all over the place, wanting to put reality TV on trial and subpoenaing Kris Jenner as well as people at NBC Universal and Bunim/Murray, who produce the family's various reality shows. She also said that she doesn't know why Humphries believes the marriage was a fraud, as he went in fully aware of all situations.

Kris' lawyer replied that he intends to prove that the marriage was a fraud to benefit Kim's reality show and that the subpoenas are in order give him all the information he needs before he deposes Kim. When Wasser asked why it was important for Kris to get an annulment, he didn't answer. Wasser then noted that she will get Kris to pay all of Kim's attorney fees.

Check that underlined bit again. That’s exactly what’s going on with this divorce. It’s not just Kris going after Kim anymore; this is all of “reality television” being put on trial for being anything but. Kris basically claims that the marriage was all for big ratings and a big payday and that, once all the contracts expired and the big payoff went down, she (along with the network and production company) had no use for Humphries and ditched him. So, for the sake of justice (or revenge; who cares, really?), Kris is out to expose the whole sham in a court of law. As John Wilkes Booth once said to Lee Harvey Oswald, “You’re the one that’s gonna sum it all up and blow it all wide open!”

Mind you, I’ve already said this was the case and that it’s even been admitted to already. But to have Humphries blow that wide open for all the world to see? I’m rooting for this guy. And I give a damn what football team he plays for.

AvX is cool and all...but I’m much more excited by HvK.


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