Thursday, August 16, 2012

Examiner Feed - 08.16.12

This is happening now because it almost didn't happen today. Between training for a couple days at the "day job" and then a wonderful dinner out with my wife, I wasn't sure I was getting anything published today.

Alas, I was still able to make a couple posts, anyway:

Iron Man 3, Avengers Sequel, and More Marvel Movie News - Orlando Comic Books |

Garth Ennis "The Boys" Revived at Another Studio - Orlando Comic Books |

Oh, and before i go? Yes, I'm well and fully aware of the Dave Mustaine story regarding his comments about the Colorado and Sikh Temple shootings. That was not posted deliberately. I know it would have been a big hit-getter and everything, but I explained on Facebook why I refused to do it:

Did Dave Mustaine lose his mind? I didn't buy that Bush was behind 9/11 and I'm not taking this bait, either. I can't write or report on sensationalism (idiocy?) with no substance, so this is all I'm saying on this.

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