Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Busy Day!

Okay, rather than pelt this board with separate posts, let's do today's batch (and a few more) all in bulk...

Joss Whedon to Return to the "Avengers" and to Television - Orlando Comic Books | Examiner.com

UPDATE: Fox NOT Trading Fantastic Four for Daredevil - Orlando Comic Books | Examiner.com

MegaCon 2013 Announces Star-Studdded Lineup - Orlando Comic Books | Examiner.com

Could the Monkees be Reuniting? - Orlando rock music | Examiner.com

All on top of getting this year's Nerdapalooza videos out (now up to a total of seven on the YouTube channel) and the Wrestling's Most Wanted post having to be updated, too?

Yeah, it's been a busy day.

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