Wednesday, August 22, 2012

8-Bit Brigade - Count3rCu1ture @ Nerdapalooza 2012

Know what happens when you have three kids starting school and a wife starting a new job as an Autism teacher? You get behind on things like *this*, that's what...

8-Bit Brigade are captured here in their second Nerdapalooza performance. We catch the action about halfway through their set...a full play-through - musically and otherwise - of Contra. Count3rCu1ture @ Nerdapalooza 2012 continues here.

I made it in to the venue at about level 2. At level 3, I realized exactly what was going on and thought this was beyond awesome. Halfway through level 4, it hit me - "Why the hell am I not recording this?!" So, I got set up and started shooting at level 5. And that's why this is so late into the performance.

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