Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dust to Dust

Mikal kHill is at it again, kids.

This time? A collaboration with Romero and a change of roles. With The Browncoats Mixtape, kHill mainly played the role of producer, putting together some great beats culled from “Firefly”. Now, he shows of more of his vocal skills on dust with Romero handling the instrumentals.

So how is kHill on vocals? Please. You heard him on MegaRan’s Black Materia album, right? Sure you did, on track 7. (If not, you have another chance because the remix album is out now, too. On that one, look for track 13.) Good stuff. Now imagine that dexterity, only grittier. Hungrier. Tossing the mundane frivolity of life’s inane prattling out the window. You have an idea on how good he sounds on dust.

And Romero backs him handily. For a guy in good company with 8-bit sounds and brilliant remixes of television scores, kHill sounds downright amazing backed by piano instrumentals, sirens, and whatever else Romero can get his hands on to make sure kHill’s vocals - and moods - shine.

The best part of this is? This show’s hitting the road, starting today. kHill is on a mini-tour with Jesse Dangerously and Shane Hall (also of Whatevermore: Live From The Raven). With them, in each town, are selected local acts. Giving back to the community and rocking out. I knew I liked kHill for a reason.

Catch the Humbled to Dust starting today at the following locations (courtesy of the tour’s Facebook page, which I just linked):

Feb 3 - Columbia, SC @ Conundrum 8pm door/ 9pm show / $6 over 21 / $8 under 21 (Mikal kHill, Tribe One, cecilnick, Shane Hall & MC Stealth)

Feb 4 - Orlando, FL @ Back Booth 7pm door / 7:30pm show /$7 ALL AGES (Jesse Dangerously, MC Wreckshin, Rainbowdragoneyes, Mikal kHill, Shane Hall, Slice of Life)

Feb 6 - Charlotte NC @ The Milestone 8pm door / 9pm show /18 and up/ $7 over 21 / $?-9 under 21 (ThoughtCriminals, Jesse D, Shane Hall, MC Stealth, & 6SIGMA)

Feb 7 - Durham, NC @ The Garage Bar @ Motorco -doors at 7pm/show at 8pm/$5 18 & up (17 and under welcome with a guardian) (ThoughtCriminals, Jesse Dangerously, Shane Hall)

Feb 8 - Baltimore, MD @ Bohemian Coffeehouse 7pm / 8pm show / FREE $0.00!!! ALL AGES (Collectible Humans, Jesse D & Shane Hall)

Feb 9 - Philadelphia, PA @ Little Bar ( Mikey Mo, Sketch Lightly, Jesse D, Shane Hall, Voss & LTC)

Feb 10 - Brooklyn, NY @ moon-ii [319 Rutledge St, Brooklyn] (Schaffer the Darklord, People With Teeth, Jesse D, Mikal kHill, Shane Hall, remind) Hosted by Shane with DJ Halo on the tables ALL NIIIIGHT LOOONG

Feb 11 - Worcester, MA @ 97 D Webster St. / $5-$10 suggested donation / ALL AGES (Jesse D, Mikal kHill, Shane Hall, Jon Von Wonderful, The Grand Arkanum, HW) with an opening set by DJ Snaxx

Oh, yeah. Here’s a video off the new record. Because I like you.

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