Tuesday, October 4, 2011

WWE Walks Out - On Logic And Sense

How bad did the ending to this week's WWE Raw suck? Let me count the ways...

1) If the Board of Directors for WWE were the ones that gave Vince the Vote of No Confidence and had him replaced, why are they not doing the same to Triple-H?

2) How can WWE’s talent give him that vote when they’re not even technically employees of the company?

3) They’re all independent contractors, remember?

4) Why did this happen on live TV and not in the Boardroom? Name one other company that has televised a live “Vote of Confidence” meeting.

5) Wade Barrett railing against chaos and an “unsafe working environment” and being afraid of being “attacked in the parking lot”? Really?

6) Okay, that was actually pretty funny.

7) Mike Chioda is the spokesperson for the referees. The guy that just came off of a Wellness suspension. Because his credibility can’t be questioned.

8) Beth Phoenix? Of all people? Pulls the “we’re ickle pwetty girls and we could get a boo-boo” card? The girl who just recently had a Twitter profile pic of her holding an alligator>? Whose entire persona revolves around not being a Barbie doll but being tougher than the average Diva? Seriously?

9) And if you’re that concerned with getting hurt, ladies, then why on earth are you there?

10) I don’t know much about the “Vote of Confidence” procedure, but doesn’t everyone have to give their vote individually? And state their reasons for their vote?

11) So, hold on - everyone walked out? Isn’t that a resignation from the job? They just all quit, right?

12) Hell, buy TNA and replace them all! Not like they’re doing anything important!

13) What exactly happened to merit a “Vote of Confidence”, anyway? The place is an “unsafe working environment” and Triple-H “lost control of the company”?

14) Why wasn’t any of this done when the Nexus attacked in June, 2010? You mean to tell me a run-in from The Miz and R-Truth was worse that that?

15) I don’t think so. A couple referees and a few of the talent took a beating, but who else has been attacked?

16) Oh, but things were already bad before this? How? Name one instance that was worse than the end of the Hell In A Cell pay-per-view.

17) And no, the heels banding together to air their grievances doesn’t count. Claiming an “unsafe environment” for instances that you have done yourself isn’t even an argument?

18) Doesn’t all of this seem rather silly? Especially for a wrestling show? Yeah, that’s what I thought, too.

19) But, you know what? It’s their fault for trying to be more “realistic”. In doing so, logic has to be part of the equation. And it’s obvious that none was employed here.

20) If you want to be “more realistic”, try presenting WWE as an actual sports product. Focusing on the word “entertainment” isn’t working out for you.

21) Because all it’s lead to nonsensical storylines that are completely illogical. It may please the kids you’re coveting as an audience, but it’s driving long-time fans away who simply want their wrestling product to make some sense.

22) Oh, and please don’t give me the party line about how I’m a “hater” because I’m not willing to “see how this plays out.” I tried that once already. With CM Punk. And we see how well WWE followed up on that.

23) Speaking of CM Punk, where was he during all this? Isn’t he that guy that wanted “change” so bad? And he wasn’t there to vote?

24) For that matter, where were John Cena and Randy Orton, the two biggest stars in the company? Would this not concern them as well?

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