Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Morning Coming Down 08.07.11: Paul McCartney and Journalistic Espionage - Blogcritics Music

This could get uglier than the divorce...

You can't really see it now, but I screwed up pretty bad here.

I made a pretty big error in referring to Heather Mills as Linda McCartney. I wasn't 100% sure how that happened, but I now chalk it up to familiarity. I know the name Linda McCartney, but I know much less of Heather Mills. Regardless, it was my error and I'll own it. So be it.

I'm sure quite a few readers might want me gone, and that's okay, too. Please feel free to go back and listen to the 08.02.11 edition of "The Real Congregation" for an answer to that.

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