Wednesday, July 27, 2011

C3C1 @ NAP2011 - Adam WarRock

Thanks to technical difficulties, better late than never, I suppose..

Count3rCu1ture @ Nerdapalooza 2011 continues today with Adam WarRock and Tribe-One. The duo unite one again for this year's festival, turning in a dazzling set.

A quick note about the rest of the C3C1 @ NAP2011 programming, if I may. Tomorrow's episode with MC Cool Whip will feature an interview - the only one I was able to do at the festival. However, it will be formatted like the rest of the episodes have been. For uniformity's sake, I decided it was the best move.

For Friday? I'd suggest getting a big bucket of popcorn and an ice cold beverage ready for that.

Saturday? Pack a lunch.

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