Sunday, July 3, 2011 - Sunday Morning Coming Down 07.03.11 - A Drastic Turn: Dream Theater and Mike Portnoy Carry On

Nine months later, both Dream Theater and Mike Portnoy's new band unveil new music. Let the debate begin.

Musically? Very good question that I don't know can be answered yet.

Personally? I think Mike Portnoy's an idiot.

It almost sounds to me like he wanted to leave to be part of a more popular band and then had to come crawling back when the more popular band decided to honor the original agreement of a temporary working relationship. And, instead of being honest about it, he gives this big dramatic speech about how he wanted to take a break and whined that the rest of Dream Theater were meanies...only to ask for his spot back three months in to his supposed five year break from the band.


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