Sunday, June 26, 2011

MegaRan and Storyville with Lost Perception - "One Winged Angel"

One of the coolest songs on one of the coolest albums so far this year now has its own video. How cool is that?

MegaRan's delivery on this song is top-notch. But this is the one track that Storyville could well out-shine him on. You now know, if you didn't before (and it's not like Advent Children made it easy or anything), why Sephiroth is the way he is and how he feels. Which, according to Storyville, is so nihilistic it's frightening. Excellent stuff.

We'll talk more about that with MegaRan - and K-Murdock! - as well as returning for Nerdapalooza 2011 and a lot more. Well, I already did talk to him, but this Thursday, you'll get to see it. You may also get to see another track from Black Materia: Final Fantasy VII performed live...

...oh, and kid-you-not - the moment I post this, Davey Richards takes the title from Eddie Edwards and carries Ring of Honor in to its future with Sinclair Broadcasting. Big congratulations to Richards, who has fought for this a long time now and should make a hell of a representative for Ring of Honor.

First pics of the new champ come courtesy of Ring of Honor announcer Dave Prazak:

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