Friday, June 10, 2011

Examining the DC Relaunch Part 02: The Revamps - Orlando Comic Books |

Examiner's in-depth look at the DC Relaunch continues...

And honestly, I have to say my thoughts on the whole things have softened a little since I initially found out. I think my problem came not from that they were throwing away 77+ years of history, but doing it for what seemed like no real good creative reason. After talking to Hex, however, I think I get where they're coming from now.

Do I think this is going to be all roses in the end? Nope. I still give it two years - tops - before they switch it all back. (I've got two words for ya, folks: "New Coke".) But am I now more willing to give it a look and see what they have in mind? Sure, I will. Some of the stuff looks too cool for me not to at least do that.

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