Friday, June 24, 2011

Count3rCu1ture Audio Premiere Episode - Summer of Punk 2.0

Welcome to the first edition of Count3rCu1ture...Audio.

Yep, another component of the website goes live as we venture in to the podcast game. Somewhat. See, this isn’t going to be a regular thing. It’s a great way to deliver interviews I may have from time-to-time that aren’t caught on video or a good way to discuss something going in Pop Culture now. And that’s what this will be for.

This is in no way meant as any competition to the shows I listen to on a weekly basis - Slacker and the Man, Nerdy Show, Hipster, Please!, We Love Colt, I Want Wrestling, or Live Audio Wrestling. There’s no way what I can do will be as good as any of those guys. But is that gonna stop me from unloading more content? Of course not.

The first edition is (*Spoiler Alert~!*) wrestling-related and centers on CM Punk and the storyline that took place on the 06.20.11 edition of Monday Night Raw. Hear my thoughts on that, how I think it might play out, and Punk’s possible meaning behind the entire angle by merely clicking on the image below.

Thanks again for reading, listening, watching...whatever you feel like doing here. Keep coming back - it works.

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