Monday, May 9, 2011

It's Here.

Welcome to the debut of Count3rCu1ture, a YouTube show based out of Orlando, FL celebrating counter-culture by giving smaller artists (from various fields) and events the attention they deserve but don't often get. It's a show for the little guy, by the little guy.

Being a one-man, no-budget internet show, if you're looking for technical brilliance and top-of-the-line production values, you're in the wrong house. But I'll make it as entertaining as I can given the limitations I have and maybe get you in to some new music and interesting people that normally fly a little under the radar. Deal?

The premiere episode covers Free Comic Book Day 2011, as several events centered around the day were happening in Orlando. I was able to make a couple of them and get some interviews and footage of a pretty big day for the comics industry. Feel free to check it out and leave feedback below.


Count3rCu1ture - Episode 01

Producer, director, editor, host, name it, I do it. This is a one man show, save for my guests and the music you hear. Speaking of which...

Music used for this episode:

Brad Smith - "Moon 8" excerpt
Download Moon8

Adam Warrock - "Iron man"
Adam Warrock's Bandcamp

Marc with a C - "Bed Intruder Song"
Marc with a C's Bandcamp

C U Next Weekend - "Comic Book Life"
C U Next Weekend's artist page on Slam Jamz

Last...and first, Special thanks to Random (aka MegaRan) for the official theme of Count3rCu1ture:

Random and A_Rival - "I Aint No Joke (8​-Bit Remix)"
Random's Bandcamp

Special thanks also due:

Orange County Library System
D and B Comics
Shawn Surface
Aaron Haaland and the gang at A Comic Shop

Feel free to visit these sites for more of the similar:

Orlando Comic Book Examiner
Orlando Rock Music Examiner

Thanks again.

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