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Count3rCu1ture News Desk: 05.19.11

Welcome to a new semi-regular feature here at Count3rCu1ture. This is not designed to be a daily occurrence, but will rather happen every few days or so as news and other cool stuff comes up.

These posts will spotlight news, events, new music, announcements, and various other items fitting under the umbrella. These posts will feature a handful of items each with a short blurb or video to accompany them and will give you a better idea of what encompasses the world of Count3rCu1ture. Think of this as the official Count3rCu1ture News Desk...

Come to think of it, that’s a great name for these...

On with the first edition:

The Fight Network Vs. Colt Cabana and Steve Corino

Courtesy of I Want comes a pair of interviews from The Fight Network out of Canada. John Pollock (also of Live Audio Wrestling and Review-A-Wai fame) caught up with both Colt Cabana and Steve Corino before the recent Ring of Honor show in Toronto, Canada.

Cabana talks about his Wrestling Road Diaries documentary (I so have to get that soon!) as well as the tribute match that he and Delirious had planned for the late Larry Sweeney and the success of his podcast, “The Art Of Wrestling” (which is required listening each week).

Meanwhile, Corino discusses his roles in both the RoH locker room and the beyond-awesome Kevin Steen / El Generico feud from last year, as well as the t-shirt and catchphrase that are sweeping the nation...”Thumb in the Bum”.

As for the Kevin Steen / El Generico feud, for those that may not know, both Corino and Cabana were involved in that. You can see a small sample of that below - although, be warned, the clip below is totally NSFW due to blood. The clip is an example of not only how violent, but the psychological depth of the program. This feud not only lasted for a year, but stayed engaging for that entire time - something unheard of in an attention-deficit world of not just wrestling, but pop culture as a whole.

Henry Rollins is Kilowog

Damn straight.

Henry Rollins gave an interview to Comic Book Resources recently about his involvement in the “Green Lantern: Emerald Knights” animated movie, set for release June 7. Just in time to be a nice companion to the live-action movie (that hopefully won’t turn out to be a disappointment).

If there’s a “Renaissance Man” for this generation, Henry Rollins is him. The fact that he puts over comics as a more-than-viable medium despite not being that much in to them is awesome:

So, how hard was it for Rollins to get the character of Kilowog? Not very, according to him:

I assumed what the character needed before we went in. I said, “Andrea (Romano), this guy has a flat top, thick neck, but he’s a good guy and if you get past all the yelling, you know he's got a good heart.” She said, “You got it. That's, that's the guy.” So I kind of had him dialed in and then we went forth.

Whether or not Ryan Reynolds can pull off Hal Jordan remains to be seen, but I already know Rollins can pull off Kilowog. Not 100% sure which one I'm more excited to see...

Keanu Reeves Says No to Kaneda

Finally, CBR also reports that Keanu Reeves has passed on the live-action remake of AKIRA*.

Two words for this one, folks: thank God.

First, thank God Reeves bowed out of it. I’m not in love with Reeve’s work, but I don’t hate him, either. I simply don’t see what role someone 47 years old could feasibly play in a movie that features 90% teenage characters. The only role Reeves could have pulled was The Colnel (and, admittedly, that might have been pretty cool), but the news item mentioned the project having trouble “finding a lead”...which is a teenager.

The news item also hints that the whole project could be shut down with the trouble it’s had finding a lead - which is perfectly fine by me. I don’t think a live action AKIRA is the greatest idea in the world. There are quite a few scenes that I can’t see being done no matter how far CGI has brought us.

New Performers Unlocked

(Apologies to the Nerdapalooza site for the headline, but, really...what else fits?)

The lineup for Nerdapalooza 2011 was already looking really cool before this morning's announcements. Now they've announced that the pre-party will be at the Marriot with the Oneups headlining. Also, Koo Koo Kanga Roo, fresh off tour with Reel Big Fish, will also be there.

Most exciting news, personally? The Bossfights are coming back. I'm so glad to know that, as I missed them last year and wanted to kick myself for it. Now I have another chance to see them - and they have a new album coming out June 10! Schweet!

Oh, and while you're at it, feel free to vote for Orlando Weekly's Best of 2011. Also feel free to go here for a list of suggestions.

Last But Certainly Not Least...

Interested in a preview of CEO 2011? Check out Peaceful Jay's channel tonight at 9:00pm EST for Jay's first SCO Tournament. None other than CEO head Alex JeBailey himself will be one of the competitors, so tune in tonight for just a small taste of what's ahead at CEO 2011, happening June 10-12.

Thanks for stopping by the Count3rCu1ture News Desk. Be sure to be back...probably in a few days...for more news. As Chevy Chase and Garrett Morris (via some old-school Weekend Update) would have said, "Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow."

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