Friday, May 6, 2011

Coming Soon: Count3rCu1ture

Okay, so what the heck is a Count3rCu1ture?

Well, counter-culture, by actual definition, is, “the culture and lifestyle of those people, especially among the young, who reject or oppose the dominant values and behavior of society.”.

As far as Count3rCu1ture (pronounced exactly the same) would go, it’s very similar to that. Only now it's not necessarily only for the young. And it's going on display.

Count3rCu1ture is a new YouTube show based out of Orlando, FL celebrating counter-culture. Not so much as in drugs, Satan, and promiscuity, but more along the lines of giving some artists (from whatEVER field) and events the attention they deserve but don’t often get. It’s a show for the little guy, by the little guy.

With that said, there will be some changes made here as well. You may already notice that the URL has transformed to (be sure to save it now). “Is Pop Culture Dead?”, as a Blog, will disappear.

That’s not to say the name will not live on, because the idea that fueled “Is Pop Culture Dead?” is still very well alive. (you’ll see more later). It is what fuels Count3rCu1ture, albeit in a evolved form. Instead of being tired of being fed chicken crap and being told it’s chicken salad, the focus now is on the really good chicken salad that you find at your local, non-chain deli. I really hope that analogy made sense.

The Count3rCu1ture Blog (what this now becomes) will, of course, feature new episodes and content as they become available. I’ll be straight-up up front – there is no set “weekly” or even “monthly” schedule that’s being adhered to. In fact, there’s no regular schedule. I can, however, promise you there will be a good stream of content for an indefinite period (not like the Autobiomentary - raise your hands if you remember that one - which was an experiment that simply didn’t have the content needed to sustain its survival).

As well as the videos, this blog will still be updated with regular posts. Yes, I’m still going to make you read. Many of them may be of the “Is Pop Culture Dead?” variety (and will be marked as such), because I’m sure somehow, somewhere, some studio mogul or celebrity with an over-inflated sense of importance will make me mad. And I’ll vent about it as appropriate. Otherwise, there will be posts regarding upcoming episodes, other content, as well as extras regarding the articles I do for as well as – both Orlando Rock Music and Orlando Comic Books.

Which brings us to a naturally important piece of business...when is all this happening? Well, if you happened to read Part 02 of’s coverage of Free Comic Book Day 2011 in Orlando, you may already know the answer. Count3rCu1ture premieres on Monday, May 9 with an episode that, if I may quote myself, “will feature coverage of Free Comic Book Day around Orlando, including interviews and some surprises.” Future episodes are not only already planned, but are in the works as I type this. There’s much more to come, I promise.

One last thing: if you’ve stuck around for the end of this blog...or have been reading my ramblings for the last several years...or take an interest in what I do in any way, shape, and have my most heartfelt and sincere thank you. In terms of both writing and now video, these are loves I have had for most of my life and have always loved being able to do in some way, shape, or form. The internet allows a freedom to break away from standard business models and industry trappings and share the content we enjoy to read, watch, listen to, or even produce in any form we see fit. Its freedom has allowed me to enjoy what would be a career if I had my way, but at least a rather public hobby that I do for the sheer joy of it. It’s because of the support of those that have liked it and stuck with it that I have been able to take steps like this, and I can not thank you all enough.

Now, we move forward. Be here for the premiere of Count3rCu1ture on May 9. Thanks again and enjoy the ride.

“For the little guy, by the little guy.”

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