Sunday, May 22, 2011 - Sunday Morning Coming Down 05.22.11

"Cut The Live Feed!": Online Streaming May Soon Become A Felony - Blogcritics Music

In talking with Marc with a C, he kinda thanked me for paying attention to the business side of things and finding items like this. My response was to the effect of me expressing how I thought it was my duty.

I mean, there are already stories out there of Lady GaGa making public appearances in a see-thru dress (no link to that BS) and several hundred people already paying attention to her and how she may either be the new Madonna or the destruction of Pop Music as we know it. And then there are stories like this, where our government is further seeking to limit our freedoms to enjoy the arts because some lobbyists have them in a back pocket.

Sadly, not enough people are paying enough attention to stories like the latter. Stories much more important than Katy Perry covering Rebecca Black on stage. I told Marc that, hey, someone has to do it because things like this should not go unnoticed.

Speaking of Marc, he was recently a guest on the Nerdy Show, talking about his new album...which I can print the title of here...Motherfuckers Be Bullshittin'. There are three things that need to be done. By you, I mean. I've already done two of them.

Go take a listen to the Nerdy Show podcast now, then tune in to 8Bit FM tonight (Sunday, May 22) at 10:00 pm to hear the entire album. And some surprises at the end. Then, keep an eye on the Orlando Rock Music Examiner page starting tomorrow (Monday, May 23) for a two-part interview with Marc that goes in to the making, concept, story, and meaning of Motherfuckers Be Bullshittin'. (And please note that, because is in bed with Walden media, that I won't be able to print the title of the entire album there.

Oh, and in a little bit here, there will also be a completely unrelated article here as well. Stay tuned and be good, or else no cookie for you after dinner.

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