Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Directive 1: Serve the Internet Trust

I had heard a little about this already, but heard much more via the Nerdy Show. (Feel free to check out that link above and/or to the right under “Good Company”. Great stuff.)

According to the Nerdy Show Season 4 Episode 4-1, the RoboCop statue in Detroit is about to become reality. No, seriously.

Okay, I see you’re still a little confused. The story goes like this: Someone tweeted that, since Philadelphia has a statue of Rocky, Detroit having a statue of RoboCop would be nothing short of awesome (and I have to agree!). The Mayor of Detroit said, “The answer is no.” The internet said, “Aw, c’mon! This’ll be so cool!” A group out of Detroit, Imagination Station, said, “Yeah, it would! Let’s raise the money to make it happen!” A movie licensing company out of California named - I kid you not - Omni Consumer Products said, “Tell you what - this is so cool that, if you guys can make it halfway there, we’ll donate the other half of the money to make it happen.” Sure enough, the internet - and OCP - made it happen.

This is entirely too cool for words. For one, this is a movie that had a HUGE impact on me as a teenager and that I’ve loved ever since. Second, this is also more proof that the nerds are taking over the world - if we haven’t already.

Hell, even Peter Weller approves!

You know, there are times the human race really pisses me right off. And then, there are times like this that people make me really happy.

Speaking of Kickstarters, the Protomen have made their desire known to perform live at the Detroit Robocop statue once it is erected. The Protomen also have their own Kickstarter to fund a documentary about them. They've passed their goal - tripled it, in fact - but they could always use more.

Why? This is why:

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