Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Going off the beaten path for a minute, I just found out about this today. Although, if you pay close attention to the “Good Company” links at the right, this shouldn’t be entirely unexpected.

This. Is exactly why. I haven’t bothered with TNA Impact. In months.

There’s really no more that needs to be said. But of course that’s never stopped me.

First, for the uninitiated, this is where this idea came from:

WWE plays a mysterious hype video. Everybody freaks out, thinking it might be Sting (including me). Another hype video makes it clear it’s not Sting. Hopes are dashed. Third video, WWE announces the return of the Undertaker (second video above). TNA gets cute and brags that they actually did sign Sting (first video above, past the other ridiculousness). World yawns.

Blatant rip-off aside, TNA simply doesn’t get it. Fans freaking about Sting’s appearance was because we thought he might be showing up in WWE. For a dream match against the Undertaker. That we’ve waited. Decades. For. To let everyone know via unoriginal and spiteful carbon copy video that match is being denied us is just a slap in the face. I understand any publicity is good publicity, and that seems to be TNA’s goal here (I think). The problem is, it will probably mean the square root of diddly/squat at the end of the day.

Show of hands - how many people reading that aren’t dyed-in-the-wool wrestling fans that still remember Sting from back in the day knew he was still wrestling? Right. The interest in him showing back up in TNA - where he’s been for several years now - is about as interesting as watching some chick from the Jersey Shore wrestle. Oh, wait, that’s gonna happen, too.

Shoot me. Please.

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