Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Recent Obsessions

Yeah, it's been a minute again. Got caught up in a slight obsession, but we'll get to that in a minute. Getting ready to go back to work after 3 days off; before that I spent 125 hours at work over 10 straight days; figure they thought the hospital stay didn't kill me, so they'd finish the job?

In the meantime, thought I'd write again with Tropical Storm Fay hanging right overhead...


But yeah, haven't been on in a minute because I finally discovered the joy and rapture of the X-Box. Bought one while I was convalescing after the hospital stay. My wife has hated it ever since, because she's now, in her words, a "wrestling widow" and "computer widow" already, now she's a "X-Box widow" to boot. Ah, well. Still put aside time here and there to spend with her because I love her to death.

Back to the hardware. In buying the X-Box, I've managed to get myself hooked on a couple games. Most notably, the first two Halo games. So addictive to run around and blow shit up with no consequence! It's different with this as opposed to the Grand Theft Auto games (which I'm borrowing one of and played for a minute or two before going right back to Halo); doing it with aliens - nasty little things that are supposed to die anyway because they want our planet and we won't give it to them - is one matter. I have no qualms about detonating those little bastards.

People, however, are another matter. Just can't do it with as much abandon. Probably something in my makeup. Hell, in playing Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic (another game fast becoming an addiction), I can't even bring myself to be enough of an asshole to join the Dark Side - and I named my character after an Electric Kingdom villain specifically because I planned on him joining the Dark Side!

Getting off the self-analysis train, another perk of Halo is, whenever you die, you pick right up from the last checkpoint (a few feet back, relatively speaking) and keep right on going. No continue countdown timer. No re-loading. No setting yourself back at the beginning of the level. None of that annoying shit. Just pick up, dust yourself, and go blow up more stuff. Base and simple, just the way I like it.

Other highlights have been Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (nice to play with some faves like the Avengers and the new team of the Outsiders - Luke Cage, Elektra, Spider-Woman and Deadpool...although I rarely play with the Fantastic Four because they're not that great in this game), XIII (a similar story to the "Bourne" movies with comic visuals...neat stuff) , and Doom 3 (DUH!). More to come on that front as I pick up more games (looking forward to getting Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction for some REAL stress release). So yeah, there's been the latest obsession in a nutshell. Because Lord knows I need something else to keep me offline and away from updating this thing.

One last bitch before I go...

Saw SummerSlam this past Sunday. Decent show. A lot of people seem to think different, however - in so far as the last 2 matches weren't nearly as good as I've heard a LOT of people - trusted colleagues and trolls alike.

Batista And Cena worked pretty hard to put on a decent match, I'll grant them that. But as far as "they sold everything really well"...did I miss that while I was in the bathroom? Cena spent a hotel stay in the Figure-4 and Batista had his leg bent back in the STFU so bad and so long I thought he may pull a Sid Vicious...yet both of them got right back up and were pulling power moves out of their ass like nothing was wrong! How on earth is that selling again?

And the Hell In A Cell seemed to move in slow-motion. Setting up tables for spots 20 minutes early isn't quite "unpredictable". Again, some cool stuff - the spear through the cage door as well as on/through the announce table(s) were neat, but the rest was standard HIAC fare. And no one can say the outcome was in any doubt the entire time, with Undertaker hitting Edge with everything Edge did to him over several months all in a 30-second span just put the exclamation point on the fact that this was designed for Undertaker to get his win back and little else.

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